Terry Naturally Animal Health Comfrey Cream for Horses & Dogs


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You always want to provide just what your pup or horse needs, whether they are playing in the yard, chasing a ball at the park, in the barn, or on the go. Convenient and reliable, Terry Naturally Animal Health 00-02081 Comfrey Cream for Horses & Dogs is the perfect addition to your canine care kit or tack box. Support your dog’s healthy skin with this convenient, easy-to-absorb cream. Your pup is active, so count on Comfrey Cream to absorb quickly. for your horse, use it as a liniment or as a poultice, whichever suits your horse’s need at the moment. for optimal benefits, it’s a good idea to prevent your dog or horse from licking off the cream, but don’t worry if some is ingested. This unique horse skin care cream is free of the toxic compounds found in other comfrey plant extracts. The ancient “go-to” wisdom of this botanical is a welcome addition to how you care for your precious pup or horse.

  • This effective horse pain relief cream is made for skin, joints, and muscles
  • Made in Germany without pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) and parabens found in more common comfrey varieties that are extracted from the root
  • Contains the desired key elements: rosmarinic acid, allantoin, and choline from the flowers, stems and leaves
  • Cultivated without chemicals, pesticides, or artificial fertilizers for safety
  • Absorbs quickly for convenience if your horse or dog is active
  • Keep a tube handy at home or on-the-go so it’s always just a “grab away” when you want your dog or horse to experience the amazing benefits of this Comgrey cream for dogs
  • Contains natural and other premium ingredients for high quality
  • Makes a great addition to your canine care kit or tack box
  • You can also use the cream as liniment or as a poultice for your horse
  • It’s better if your dog or horse does not lick of this pet wound care cream, but it is safe enough that a small amount can be ingested
  • Directions for Use: Apply liberally several times daily on cleansed area. for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Store at room temperature (68-77°F).
  • Please be sure to keep the dog hot spot treatment cream out of children’s reach
  • USA lab quality tested for assurance
  • Money-back guarantee for peace of mind