Daisys Holistic Health


About the Owner

Christine “Chris” Cook, founder of Daisy’s is no stranger to holistic medicine. Her vision to build a holistic store in New Mexico is a culmination of a lifelong dream. Chris brings a unique sense of passion to all her projects and her hope is that this store can bring about healing that so many of us need in our lives.

Chris first learned about herbal remedies through her family history that dates to the early 1900’s by her paternal grandmother Daisy and her great grandmother Sarah when they harvested medicinal herbs in the hills of Ashville, NC. Back in the Depression era families would harvest medicinal herbs for their health and well-being due to lack of access to medical care.

Daisy’s is named after her grandmother who taught her that “You need to use natural supplements when possible”. To use natural products from God’s earth than rely on the pharmaceutical industry. Chris’s vision is that you will discover new holistic ways of coping with your ailments and to tap into holistic healing.

Whether it is fighting to protect children or working to advocate treatment options for men and their families in prostate cancer, Chris is a big champion of helping others and she invites you visit Daisy’s to begin your healing.

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